Adriano D’Aloia (Milan 1980), Phd, is Assistant Professor at the International Telematic University UniNettuno, Rome. He holds a PhD in Communication Cultures from the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Empathy in the Film Experience, 2010). He is also adjunct professor of Media semiotics at Università Cattolica and of Theory of photography at IULM – International University of Languages and Media, Milan. He is author of a book on aesthetic and neurological empathy in the film experience and co-editor of journal special issues on Neurofimology and Snapshot Culture. He is member of the editorial staff of the journals CS. Journal of Media, Performing Arts and Cultural StudiesCinéma&Cie. International Film Studies Journal and L’avventura. International Journal of Italian Film and Media Landscapes. He has been founder and member of the editorial staff of Comunicazioni Sociali on-line. He is an essayist and film critic for the journal Segnocinema.

e-mail: adriano.daloia@uninettunouniversity.net
website: adrianodaloia.net
networks: Academia.eduResearchGate


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